Future Events

Future EFCE WPD Business Meetings

The Working Party on Drying holds a business meeting once a year. This meeting is often linked with a separate technical meeting of one of the member societies involved in the Working Party. In addition, the WP is happy to support and publicise meetings organised by national groups on drying. Where additional WP meetings are required during the year, they will preferentially be held in conjunction with an existing technical meeting of a national working party, or an international conference. For post meetings see Meeting Records.

Future Meetings:
-    Meeting at 17th International Drying Symposium, October 3 to 6, 2010, Magdeburg, Germany.

International Conferences Related to Drying

International Drying Symposia (IDS)

International Symposium on Spray Drying of Dairy Products, April 15-17, 2009, Melbourne, Australia

Meetings of National Groups and Working Parties

AFSIA meetings
German Drying Working Party meetings
IChemE SDSG meetings
Other events organised by national groups