News on Drying

There is increasing activity within the EU on organising meetings relevant to drying. This website will try to give details of all significant events that are communicated to us. See the Future Events section.

The WP tries to encourage and support participation of the European drying community in EU projects (Framework 6, 7). If you have respective activities, or if your organisation is interested in joining a potential proposal, please contact the WP Chairman, Patrick PERRE.

SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway has been designated as a Marie Curie Training Site in Innovative Drying. Vacancies and Fellowships are available for EU PhD Students. Detailed information and application forms are available from: <>

Book series

The WP has started the book series Modern Drying Technology, to be published in Wiley and edited by Profs. Evangelos Tsotsas and Arun Mujumdar.

Vol. 1 – Computational Tools at Different Scales
  Ch. 1       Homogenized Continuous Models
  Ch. 2       Pore Network Models
  Ch. 3       Continuous Thermo-mechanical Models using Volume Averaging Theory
  Ch. 4       Continuous Thermo-mechanical Models using Theory of Mixing
  Ch. 5       Computational Fluid Dynamics
  Ch. 6       Population Balances
  Ch. 7       Process Systems Simulation Tools
Vol. 2 – Modern Experimental Techniques
Vol. 3 – Product Quality and Formulation
Vol. 4 – Energy Savings
Vol. 5 – Process Intensification

Drying nomenclature

The above-mentioned launch of a book series made a consistent nomenclature inevitable. A list of symbols has been set up to this purpose (and distributed), with a preferential choice and an alternative one, accounting for the different “schools” in Europe.