Department of Physics and Process Control

Closed research project sin the last 10 years

Development of automatic drought stress detection method for improvement of effectiveness of irrigation (OMA, 65öu18, 2006-2007, Project leader: Prof. I. Farkas)

Modelling, simulation and monitoring of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems (Romanian-Hungarian TÉT, RO-9/05, 2006-2007, Project leader: Prof. I. Farkas)

Theoretical and experimental approaches for drying of agricultural produces (German-Hungarian TÉT, D-5/2003, 2004-2007, Project leader: Prof. I. Farkas)

BioPhys Spring (Visegrad Found, BPS, 2008), Project leader: Prof. I. Farkas)

Knowledge assessment on sustainable water resources management for irrigation (INCO-CT-2007-043513-KASWARMI, 2007-2008, Project leader: Prof. I. Farkas)

Complex mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of drying processes (DAAD P-MÖB/843, 2009-2010, Project leader: Dr. Cs. Mészáros)

Influence of spectral irradiance and cloudiness on plant biomass and solar energy production (TÉT AT-17/08, 2009-2010, Project leader: Dr. I. Seres)

Theoretical and experimental study of grid-connected solar photovoltaic system (OTKA, K 69094, 2007-2010, Project leader: Prof. I. Farkas)

Closed research projects

The effect of the solar spectral distribution to the solar energy production (OTKA, K 84150, 2011-2014, Project leader: Prof. I. Farkas) – continued in 2015

Solar equipment

DatAcq - Data Acqusition Software

Solar equipment – 10kWp photovoltaic system